Friday, August 29, 2008

what to do when you're waiting for a hurricane that's four days away. (besides knit four hats, so far)
dress up your pets and let your mom take pictures to entertain her blogging friends.
(this is my baby with max's shirt on)

i think my daughter's dog, max, has more clothes than me. they're certainly more cool!! this hurricane has us all in a frenzy. it's ironic that it's the third anniversary of hurricane katrina. there's so many of us in my husband and my family and we keep trying to keep track of where everyone's going. it's really a scary situation. and i don't even want to think about the next one! well, i'll just say my prayers and go to bed-goodnight for now.


Anonymous said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers at this worrying time..stay safe :) xx

g said...

Oh. My. God. The hot dog is hysterical!!! You are so clever and creative!

Good luck with the storm, and may you get through it OK. I enjoyed your Pink Saturday post!

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