Saturday, January 31, 2009

gabe's first birthday

good saturday morning to beverly and all you pink gals! it's been so long since i've posted with all the sickness going on around here. my pics loaded backwards so the first one has no pink but it's from gabe's birthday on the 11th. he and his guests loved the jumping blowup even tho' it was so cold that day.
here's some pink on g and addie. don't you love her shoes? i wish i had some like that!
here are the favors for the party. my d-i-l and i used the cricut and covered empty formula cans with paper and decorated them, blue and red for the boys and pink and purple for the girls. 
it's so good to be back to some normalcy and posting. hope i can get back to creating again soon. managed to start a hat for a gift and hopefully will take pictures for next week's pink post. y'all all have a wonderful pink week!! stay warm!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

posting a few pictures of the presents i made for gabe and georgia. i appliqued their names on a 6" block with the machine.on the other side i scanned and printed some of their pictures from the past year on special paper and adhered it to some more 6" blocks.
then i sandwiched the layers with batting and stitched around the edge. i trimmed the edges with a zigzag and scallop scissors and added a grommet to each corner.
i chained the book together with a ballchain.
i know their moms and dads loved them--hope they do too!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a most ambitious project

going through my work room to try to start the new year right. i have all these yo-yo's that i made way back in high school. my mom had the neatest pictures of quilts and pillows made with these and i fell in love. of course, after making a bunch the project seemed too large and was saved. my thought was to put the ones i finished together and make a small quilt at least.
i needed more blues and greens since i had decided on those colors but the new fabrics just don't blend do they? (please ignore the extraneous objects)
i went through the stack of already cut circles and decided to add purples too to make up what i needed. i also went through some vintage fabric from mom and cut some more blues and greens. maybe i'll finish in a couple of months. then again-maybe not.
also including a delicious picture of some oysters my hubby baked last night. how can you go wrong with garlic, butter and parmesan cheese? yum!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

good morning again to all you pink ladies! i hope everyone is recovering from the holidays and getting ready for a wonderful new year!! please join us all in visiting the ladies from beverly's blog today and starting off the year pink! below is a photo of some letters my d-i-l made for a gift. she covered the wooden letters with scrapbook paper and then painted the edges pink. she added embellishments about soccer and ribbons and flowers. the recipient loved them!! have a great pink day!

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