Friday, July 30, 2010

Pink Saturday

Pink quartz walls in the capitol building in Denver, absolutely gorgeous! Each piece is so different and has so many hidden pictures in it!! I think I see a glorious bull dragon!

Georgia in her pink ballerina socks. She really loved them and danced all evening. Talk about a calf workout!

A quick little doll diaper made from scrap fabric. I need to make some smaller ones next time.

 Hope everyone has a wonderful pink day! Please take the time to visit some of the pink blogs with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. A blog that I enjoyed reading last week was Valerie. Her crazy quilting is beautiful!

The weather here has been so hot with not too much rain around. Staying inside is not normally my style but it's hard to breathe out there! Great excuse for staying on the computer!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been working on the wedding invitations for KT and D. It took all of us longer to decide the design than making them. Once I started, it was just a matter of doing so many each day. Of course, there's still the little touches to finish them. Unique, just like KT.

Response cards


And of course there's those Georgia mornings that keep me entertained and start my day.............

I'm not sure Sparkles is too excited about the attire but the entertainment factor is for us is high and she's quite the willing participant. She lives up to her name apparantly!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to all! (Sorry for posting so late, babysit last night and slept in) I wanted to share some more pictures from Denver today. Below is my niece posing with a Pomegranate lollipop from Hammond's Candy factory. The pretty pink of her cheeks really compliment the swirls of pink in the candy! We had a tour there on Thursday and really enjoyed ourselves. My favorite was watching them make and form the ribbon candy. And the candy canes!! So many flavors! If you've ever had a candy cane that has a cut edge instead of a rounded one, it was made here. Of course, we all had to buy lots of yummy goodies to bring home. 

This is one of the tiles in the lobby, I think it's so adorable! Maybe I could make some background paper with it for scrapbooking?

I also wanted to include some of Kacy's roses from her yard. This bush has the sweetest little flowers on it that smell so great. She said it's been so fun watching what is blooming next since they bought the house at the beginning of the year. While we were there a purple clematis starting blooming.

Now I need to publish this and start visiting all the lovely pink posts awaiting with Beverly. I'll have to come back to add another blog link for y'all-my brain too fuzzy for remembering right now. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

I wanted to add a link to visit from the pink blogs and found a wonderful one-Janis at Rust and Ruffles.
She has great pictures and also a great sense of humor!! And I love the name of her blog!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Got back from Denver, Colorado on Saturday night and just finished editing all the photos. It was a beautiful place with wonderful weather. The first night we were greeted with a rainbow looking from the backyard of Kacy and Kevin's house. A sign of gorgeous, God made beauty.

With the sun down and cooler temperatures, a fire was lit and we toasted marshmellows for Smores. I'd never had one before and I really enjoyed it.

I've been through the Smoky Mountains quiet a few times but these mountains are so different. The overwhelming feeling of being so small in comparison. I learned that "America the Beautiful" was inspired and written from these views. I can see why.

The above view was taken from Pike's Peak. It was so cold and windy up there. Unfortunately, I found out I get altitude sickness (even though I wore a patch). I snapped a couple of pictures on the way back to the Cog train from the summit house.

The picture below was taken on the way down from the train station through the Garden of the Gods. We stopped at several places to enjoy the views and play up on the rocks.

What amazed me so much was the flowers that were blooming among the rocks. The colors were so vibrant!

Will post more photos this Saturday. See you then!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Rachael

Happy Birthday Rachael, originally uploaded by suesueb.

30 years ago I had my first child and I knew motherhood was something I was born for. I adore babies and children and every one of my children has given me great joy (with a few heartaches) along the way. Now that I have grands, hopefully I'll have another 30 or more years to look forward to loving more and sharing with them all. I told them not long ago that I expect at least a dozen. Four down, eight to go!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink to all of you visiting today! Sharing a couple of pictures of the girls at Kt's engagement party from last Saturday. After Georgia got dressed Rachael was getting ready and she let G have a pack of barrettes to choose from. Well, she decided to had to wear them all for the party and then she took Rachael's makeup and covered her face. Her lips are not even visible! She was so proud and posed for the picture so seriously. 

Here is Avery in her Mexican dress with her "big" flower. I simply love it!!

The next two pictures are pillows I finally finished for Avery and Gabe. I used my Cricut for the shapes and machine appliqued them on. Misty collects owls for Avery and elephants for Gabe.

Of course, there's no pink on Gabe's! 

Went browsing through the pink blogger list and found someone I really enjoyed visiting. Old Glory Cottage is a wonderful find of vintage goodies and delightful decorations! Hope y'all go see her sometime!!

***Hope y'all have a wonderful pink Saturday with Beverly and a safe and Happy Fourth of July

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