Friday, October 31, 2008

happy hauntings!! the weather here is glorious today and so tonight halloween should be absolutely perfect! my two little babies are not going to be around so i'm heading over to a friend's house for their little party. just wanting to share a few halloween pics that i already posted on flickr. i made these two pillows for my craft sale and sadly they have to remain in my house this year. i love them though so i really can't complain.
this is a picture of my brother-in-law's haunted house in his front yard. it's so huge you can't even see his house! totally fabulous!! i have some more pictures on my flickr page for details. don't think any of the kiddies will approach it though!
this is my adorable red-haired niece. i found this darling red-haired witchy fabric and knew i needed to make her a dress for halloween. also made her a potion bag! isn't she so cute?
lastly i want to link to a blog for a fantastic giveaway. jc handmade will make a custom baby quilt for YOU. just enter and link to maybe be the lucky one (p.s. i like greens and blues).  i found this blog thru my good friend cathy. she also makes fantastic things and even though she had a baby just about two weeks ago, she's been blogging and keeping up with her reading! go visit and see her creations.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

morning pink ladies! how have y'all all been? i've been busy crafting for a small show at my sister's house this sunday so i pulled out some of the "pinks" to share. 

these are a few over-sized gift tags (each is about 5-6 inches)  i cut and decorated using my cricut. so much fun! they make a great presentation and can be used in a scrapbook after.
this is one of my purses. i still need to add handles. the black is courduroy which really didn't film well. the bottom is repro barkcloth which is soooo cool!
this little hat is knit with bamboo yarn. it's not too heavy  and is really soft! the plus is i bought it at Michael's which is great since there are no yarn shops too close and i really don't go to new orleans as much anymore.
so there you have it! a few of the many things i'm selling this fall. hope to visit beverly and y'all all through the week since i've finally decided to put my foot up to hopefully heal. see ya!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

above is my halloween mantel that i finally managed to decorate. i didn't get out all my halloween goodies-but better than nothing!!
this is a small quilt i made for kt. i guess i'll give it up because she finally got her house!! we're all so happy for her-it's been quite a while since they first put their bid in (june). with the storms and all they had to do to make the loan appraiser happy, it took months. the witch shoe is hers too but the little picture is mine. it's from a darling card from a friend that was too cute to put away so i framed it!
another halloween scene on my dining room table. the hat's from dept. 56 which i love!! all their stuff is soooo cute!
my halloween feather tree. i clipped my atc collection (thanks to amy) i played in her swap for the past two years and can't wait for my new cards. below are the ones i made. i recycled the raven material from someone and cut out each one. the background is paper stitched on dupioni(?) silk from my niece's wedding. i love using stuff i've saved. my family thinks i'm crazy sometimes with what i collect but i consider it "going green" in my way.
hope ya'll enjoyed the preview of the holiday. tomorrow i'll try to post some pics of my new projects from the past week.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

goodness-i'm so late with my halloween decorations! not surprising since lately i can't seem to catch up with myself. i hung my door banner that i made a few years ago. i'd like to make some more quilts like this-i still have so much fabric (ha, ha).
this is a dress i made today for georgia for fall. i wanted something different. the check looks brown but is really black and burnt orange.
i made the pumpkins with felted wool and stitched them with perle cotton. i wasn't sure at first what to use for the stems but i finally thought of the buttons.
this i made for a swap with peggi. i was so late sending it out because i couldn't find her address. hope she received it by now. "make a wish"!!
busy tomorrow working on birthday gifts for this weekend. will show and tell monday!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

good morning! it's another beautiful day here and i have the whole house open for the nice weather. just showing off my darling little sweater that i made using a pattern from anny purls called "duck soup". this is a 12 month size and i tried it on georgia and it fits perfectly. that means it won't fit next year which i think is the idea behind the pattern. i need to try it on gabe because he's smaller.

this one is for my great nephew in new york.  i doubled the yarn to make it heavier and did a 18 month size even though he's younger than my two grand babies. he's much bigger so i hope it fits him. i love the fall colors.

this pattern is really fun and easy. it's my first sweater pattern and i love the way it turns out.
hope ya'll visit her site and buy it soon. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

everyday tools

really haven't posted in so long so i decided to join tracy in the weekly "capture" challenge. this weeks challenge is the tools we use everyday. below are some of my scissors. the small one for my knitting bag, a zigzag one, two good fabric scissors (which better not be used otherwise for fear of death) and two paper scissors.
next is my camera. it's not easy to take a picture of that! i try to have it with me always. it's not a great camera but it's the one i have. since i've started blogging and flickr, i notice so many more things in the world around me and my own home.
another thing i consider a tool is my computer. everyday i read a few blogs that inspire me to do more when i can. they lead me to places i never thought to go and i truly thank all those who have given me a chance to dream here and create. 
go check out the site and join the other artists there. i'm looking forward to next wednesday!! thanks tracy! can't figure out how to add the side link so i added the site to my blogroll.

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