Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pink Saturday on Sunday

Posting a little late because of sickness (so sorry for anyone who stopped by yesterday). This old ornament was bought by my grandmother and brings back so many memories of Christmas' pasts. My mom has about 6 left and they're really fragile. I found a tree for her to hang them on along with some other old ornaments she still has. She doesn't remember where her mother bought them but it had to be so long ago. (My grandmother passed away in 1963). 

I love these so much! To me, the memories from our past hold us all so dear to each other. Christmas was always so special in our house. With ten kids we really didn't buy much. My mom helped us make decorations, we held our Christmas plays (see post down), we pulled names and we had each other. Now we still gather at my mom's house, and our family has grown to over 50. We still sing Christmas carols, pull names and eat too much. The love and laughter are there as always. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a great pink saturday!! Please visit Beverly and share some of the pink-my new blog to visit is Laura at 52 Flea. She has some wonderful Christmas photos and I love the vintage items and flea market finds!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas 1951

Christmas 1951, originally uploaded by suesueb.

I obviously don't remember this (since I wasn't there yet!) but I love this picture. One year I made them each a Christmas card and put a Santa hat on the one I sent it to. Aren't the dolls darling too? Hope your memories are joyful too!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

2009 Christmas Tree

2009 Christmas Tree, originally uploaded by suesueb.
For some reason I'm having a hard time signing on to my blog so I'm doing this through flickr. My daughter gave me this aluminum tinsel tree one Christmas years ago and I usually put it up along with a real tree )which I decorate in vintage ornaments and red and green colors). This year I cut back on so much decorating and simply put this one up with its' pinks, blues and greens and did the mantel to match. I hope I can get on my computer blogs tomorrow to visit the pink ladies of saturday fame! Happy pink (and red and green) week to y'all all!!
Finally got here! Sometimes my computer won't load up my blog (or others). I really don't know how to make it go faster. Anyway, here's the link to visit for Pink Saturday.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

sunday stash

sunday stash, originally uploaded by suesueb.

Ordered them all because they were all so cute!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pink Saturday and Wonderful Memories

Kellie,Suesue,Melanie,Homer 1962, originally uploaded by suesueb.

My favorite Christmas memories are the plays that we (myself with my siblings) performed every Christmas Eve for my Mom and Dad. My oldest sister would write the play and direct us. We often started in the summer and would make costumes out of any available materials and old clothes. I blogged about this play before and I thought it would great for Pink Saturday because of my costume ( and the bunny)! In this scene my brother is trying to steal the flowers from Spring. I love looking at all these pictures so much and remembering such wonderful times! My mom had all the Christmas pictures in one album and I scanned them on to CD's for everyone in the family. Thanks Beverly for letting us share another special time with each other during this holiday season!!

Today is also this little girl's 2nd Birthday. Rachael and Georgia have moved back home with us and while we're still figuring out where to put everything, the upside is seeing this adorable face more often!! She's so grown up and talks all the time. So much has happened in the last two years but we love having her around to brighten up our world!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2009 Ornament Swap

My hexagon ornaments for Amy's annual Christmas ornament swap. I loved making these-even tho' they're so tiny! The Christmas fabrics make me smile :)

Wrapped each one in cello bags with tulle strips as cushioning.

Packaged the whole thing and forgot about the postage so I had to add it in the envelope addressed to Amy. I think I packed and unpacked it about 5 times!!!

Used my new masking tape "happy tape" that I ordered from Stampington! All the colors are so fun! Can't wait to get my ornaments for this year-so much talent and love out there!! Thanks again Amy!

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