Friday, March 20, 2009

pink saturday and a humbug boy!

last week i watched gabe for the afternoon and took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of him (like more than 50!) and the little humbug grabbed my zip drive off the coffee table and walked off with it. he had been happily playing with mardi gras beads and when his eyes saw the drive they lit up! i followed him around taking pics and trying to convince him to give it back.
i guess he thought it was so cute (as do i!) and fit in his little hand so well.
"what? this isn't for me?"
then the little sneak tried to hide it somewhere. when he saw me watching he took it out and went to the cabinets in the kitchen and put it in there.
i finally retrieved it and took a close-up of it for all you pink gals out there. isn't it the most adorable zip drive you've ever seen?
hope y'all all have a wonderful pink saturday visiting all the ladies from beverly's blog and HAPPY SPRING!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


a couple of months ago rachael had an idea that we should get together (all the girls and kids) and form a dinner club to use our good serving china and visit, play games, create memories, and eat of course! we all brain stormed and kt came up with the name c.h.o.m.p. (can't have our men present) unless of course, they follow certain rules (such as dressing like a woman and behaving!) anyway-there are some rules to follow. everyone must be a hostess (even at someone else's house if they don't have the room), you have to follow the theme, and you need to bring a dish following the theme also. rachael hosted the first chomp and her theme was italian food and wearing roman togas to celebrate the Ide's of March. we had so much fun and laughed and ate and laughed and ate!!!

here's gabe doing a pose on the hassock. just like a man--he laid there so naturally and didn't move for quiet a while!
some of the food. ceasar salad, calzones, brushetta, foccacia bread. we also had shrimp alfredo, frittata, mac and cheese, portabello mushrooms, roasted red pepper soup, and desserts.
georgia and i wore our brightly colored togas proudly! she left it on for almost the whole party. we played bingo (loudly) and really had so much fun. our first chomp was a success. the next one will be in may (because of Easter in april) and the theme is "mom's cooking" at my house. everyone has to wear an apron! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the painting's done!

progress has been slow but sure!

my sweet sister painting the trim to help me out. "make sure you don't get my face!" since i understand the sentiment-i didn't.
cleaned the floor and it's pretty much ready for my the big furniture. now i have to convince eric to clean out the desk and antique hotel mailbox and give it back to me. don't worry, i bought him another desk (rolltop from pete) to replace it with. then i'll get my strong baby boy (and a couple of his friends bribed with food) to move it for me. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

green week, pink saturday and a makover

joined a green group this week started by shining egg and posted a few pictures to the flickr group there. i painted this bed years ago for my girls and it took weeks. when my younger daughter moved for college i repainted the red to pink (for pink saturday) and the bright green to lime. she used it all her four years there and now i need to pass it on to clear out the room. my great niece is interested since her room is lime green. i hope she wants it and the dresser that matches. 
now on to other news. this is why i need to clear the room!
this is my new studio in progress. (i should have taken before pics) i debated for quite a while about what color and feeling i wanted the room to have. finally decided on this aqua called "montego bay". it's pretty bright and happy and i hope will give me energy when i'm working in there.
the closet is huge and i'll add some shelving behind the big doors for my fabrics. the door to the side leads to the front porch but is painted shut right now. (the stuff on top is for the girls, mostly kt).
the little closet in the corner is divided in two. one side is the downflow for the central heating and the other side has all the girls' long gowns. maybe i could convince them to take them to their house one day and clear out some more space!
still a lot of work to be done, i'm both dreading and anticipating moving my stuff in here. i know  find some stuff i haven't seen in years! it may take months!! wish me luck.

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