Tuesday, March 3, 2009

green week, pink saturday and a makover

joined a green group this week started by shining egg and posted a few pictures to the flickr group there. i painted this bed years ago for my girls and it took weeks. when my younger daughter moved for college i repainted the red to pink (for pink saturday) and the bright green to lime. she used it all her four years there and now i need to pass it on to clear out the room. my great niece is interested since her room is lime green. i hope she wants it and the dresser that matches. 
now on to other news. this is why i need to clear the room!
this is my new studio in progress. (i should have taken before pics) i debated for quite a while about what color and feeling i wanted the room to have. finally decided on this aqua called "montego bay". it's pretty bright and happy and i hope will give me energy when i'm working in there.
the closet is huge and i'll add some shelving behind the big doors for my fabrics. the door to the side leads to the front porch but is painted shut right now. (the stuff on top is for the girls, mostly kt).
the little closet in the corner is divided in two. one side is the downflow for the central heating and the other side has all the girls' long gowns. maybe i could convince them to take them to their house one day and clear out some more space!
still a lot of work to be done, i'm both dreading and anticipating moving my stuff in here. i know  find some stuff i haven't seen in years! it may take months!! wish me luck.


cathy gaubert said...

oh. my. gosh.
i am so excited for you and SO very jealous!!!! the light in there will be amazing. and un-stick that door so that you can enjoy the porch, too.
a proper studio. you really deserve it.

Amy said...

I love the color you chose, Suesue! My childhood bedroom was painted that color. I also love all the built ins you have, SO GREAT! Have fun with it all and just imagine the fun you'll have when it's all finished and ready to go!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a wonderful space you have here! I jusr LOVE it, and I love the colors! I see some nice pink in that headboard. Perfect for Pink Saturday of which I wish you...

Happy PS!


Sheila :-)

Riet said...

That will look great. happy pink Saturday

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

that is a super studio space! I've always been fond of mine - but now I'm envious LOL. I don't have nearly that much storage - how really lucky to have both storage and some "display" space, as well!

I remember painting a piece of furniture in the manner you painted your daughter's bed. I was in college. Yours turned out much nicer - but, then, I think I did the whole thing on a Sunday afternoon. LOL I wasn't as concerned with neatness and good craftsmanship back in those days.

happy pink saturday!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What a beautiful new space you'll have! Best of luck on your move, it will be so worth it once it's over and done! Happy Pink Saturday!

Beverly said...

Sue, that headboard is fantastic! The colors just say wow!!!

I can't wait to see more of your new studio.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

What a great room for your studio. I love all of the storage. I'm currently sharing a room with a computer and a huge armorie...doesn't leave me much space to work...I usually in up dragging things to my kitchen table.

Happy Pink Saturday and good luck on your project. I will be excited to see the finished results. P.S. Why is it that you can't get your children to take the things you are storing for them to their how homes?? If you find out the answer to that one let me know. LOL


Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday


JudyBug said...

Love the colors. The bed is just over the top cute, cute cute!


Sherri S said...

Wow that bed is really unique! So fun. And a new studio in progress. Good luck with it all!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I love the bright colors in the headboard! The room looks like it is coming along very nicely!

Lisa said...

lucky you for getting your own room to create in! Great start! I love the colors!

Minnie said...

That bed is awesome! I love the bright colors. I would love to do that with Sweetie's Daughter's room, but he might actually have a heart attack if I do...though she'd just love it I'm sure.

Awesome picture.

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