Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer fun knit fabrics

summer fun knit fabrics, originally uploaded by suesueb.

sunday stash-love it!

i think i got this at sewzanne's (on the internet). 

Friday, May 29, 2009

pink saturday

happy pink saturday to you all! the first two pictures are from my dentists' office. aren't they darling? it's hard to see the pink in them but it's there i promise!

these two pictures were taken when i was riding down magazine street in new orleans. so much character in all these homes! i love going down there to shop or just window shop! 

it's unbelievable that the pink goodness has been happening for a year now! it's been so much fun visiting and celebrating pink!! for those of y'all who sew (or just like fabric!) check out my post below for a giveaway hosted by sewmamasew. all kinds of goodness going on over there too!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sewmamasew giveaway

i'm participating in my first giveaway with sewmamasew and it's a little nerve wracking, especially since i forgot last night because i had dental work yesterday and was a little out of things. i've been going through my fabrics to move them into my new studio and it's unbelievable what i have!! (those of you who have seen my room know what i mean) and of course, my mom has been giving me all of her stash!! below is her bag of dotted swiss scraps. she kept every piece and when i went through it i too kept most of it. you can't find fabric like this anymore. 

this picture show some of the old shelves of fabric (sideways-sorry, trying to hurry)
this will be my first giveaway. it's 3 yards of daisy kingdom with matching ceramic buttons. the print is along one selvage. the original idea was to make something for my youngest daughter but that never happened.
the second giveaway is a 4 yard piece designed by eleanor peace bailey for daisy kingdom(another selvage print). if i'd have found this earlier i would have matched my wall color better and used this for curtains. there's another piece that goes with this to make an ironing board cover. it really is fun!!
and with both giveaways, i'll be including a surprise gift. i'll choose the winners with a number generator and will ship internationally. y'all go on over to sewmamasew and visit everyone for their prizes-i know i need more stuff!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

pink saturday

good morning to everyone! hope y'all pink saturday with beverly is a lovely spring day!! down here we're expecting thunderstorms all week-at least it'll help with the garden. my first pink picture is from our second c.h.o.m.p. dinner at my house. the theme was "mom's cooking" and everyone had to wear an apron. this pic includes my mom, me, my daughters and daughter-in-law, and my grandbabies (four generations!) we had a great time, the food was fabulous and i ate too much.
this picture of georgia is from mother's day. she's wearing the new dress i made her a few weeks ago. i crocheted the circles to mimic the fabric.

and i had to include a picture of gabe even tho' he's not in pink!! (his lips are) he plays with the mardi gras beads every time he's here-they're his favorite toy.

thanks for visiting me and i'll be going to y'all all week. today is my hubby's work picnic (in this lovely weather) and i'm bringing the babies so i probably will be too tired to start until tomorrow!

adding a note to promote a new yarn by spud and chloe-red, white and blue for memorial day! it look like silk but is actually washable wool and cotton. check it out here!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

who? what?

who? what?, originally uploaded by suesueb.

ordered this from spoonflower-apologies to the artist-i don't remember the name. i received it so fast and it's so adorable!! my first sunday stash entry! what will it become???? 

(found my receipt and her name is katharina hirsch)

Friday, May 8, 2009

breakfast club

breakfast wednesday morning-taking pictures of pairs for "shades of inspiration" challenge. cantelope, pineapple, and grapes. then...............
a pair of beignets! too delicious to only have two. happy cafe' au lait!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

pink saturday continued

(i couldn't figure out how to post this one below the other-sorry!)
this one is for gabrielle claire.

i made them all reversible so they could get alot of wear out of them. it's hard to say what size they grow to so these can be worn with a onesie if it's cool before they fit (which is doubtful since the weather here stays warm until late october sometimes!) hope y'all get a chance to visit the other pink posts today. happy week y'all!!

pink saturday

hello to all! it's already saturday again and time for some more pink from beverly's pink ladies! the week seemed to fly by. beautiful weather and busy hands make it go faster. i made three little dresses this week. they're for my d-i-l for her friends who have all had babies the last couple of months. the first for isabelle.

for allie to match the one i made for her sisters' birthday!

(i need to write another post to show the next two pics. )

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