Saturday, August 30, 2008

good pink morning! just a few pics of my nervous (hurricane gustav) knitting. below is my pink knitting/crocheting project bag. it's huge and has wonderful pockets for all kinds of things.

my first two projects (after the one from the below post) were these pink and green hats. they only look strange because i put them on cans to take the pictures.

after that, i knitted this one for my niece. she has gorgeous red hair so the blue will look great on her!!
here's another invitation for celie's  party this year-pink again. unfortunately, it's postponed due to hurricane gustav. our parish is under mandatory evacuation starting saturday at 3 p.m.
some more of the entertainment while waiting for weather news.......(check post below)
please visit the other pink posts from beverly's pink saturday!

note added: i will try to visit as many pink posts as possible but i'm sure you understand if i can't get to all of you. so please have a great pink week and think of all of us south coasters!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

what to do when you're waiting for a hurricane that's four days away. (besides knit four hats, so far)
dress up your pets and let your mom take pictures to entertain her blogging friends.
(this is my baby with max's shirt on)

i think my daughter's dog, max, has more clothes than me. they're certainly more cool!! this hurricane has us all in a frenzy. it's ironic that it's the third anniversary of hurricane katrina. there's so many of us in my husband and my family and we keep trying to keep track of where everyone's going. it's really a scary situation. and i don't even want to think about the next one! well, i'll just say my prayers and go to bed-goodnight for now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

i haven't been idle this weekend. finished this adorable little hat from susan anderson's book, itty-bitty hats. i think i could have probably just put five petals on it but it's still pretty cute!
i also finished my little chick quilt. the embroidery pattern is from my mom.
i quilted it with a flower pattern using perle cotton. i think it came out pretty adorable too! i love the colors, so bright and summery.
i also wanted to link to the green kitchen's tutorial on a wrist pincushion. she uses a darling piece of trim. i have a wrist pincushion but i've been known to stab myself using it. this one looks bigger and has a piece of cardboard in it to prevent those types of mishaps.  go  check it out-she hosting a giveaway too!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

good morning pink girls! hope ya'll week was filled with pink clouds and not gray. looks like bad weather is heading this way though so maybe pink thoughts will keep it away. my first pink pic is a decorative watering can my daughter bought me for a mother's day gift one year. filling it with huge gerber daisies makes it even happier!!

this angel is from my grandmother and was given to me when i was little. isn't she the sweetest? she's in my pink bathroom but i think i'll redo that room when time allows. i want to do shabby chic.

another sweet thing i have in there is this crazy quilt heart. my older daughter made this in 4th grade for a 4-H project. i simply applied dots where the stitches went with a blue sewing marker that washes out and she followed the dots with my instructions. i think she did a fabulous job! (she was one of those perfectionist even at that age).
so there you have it-my pink posts for the week. thanks to beverly (go visit her and the others) and all the pink girls who brighten each other's week! ya'll come back now, ya' hear!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i'm not a person to complain, especially about things that i have no control over, but life has been quite overwhelming and i (and my family) would really like to have a break. so, after getting home from the breakfast club, i was so pleasantly surprise with not one, but two swap packages!! both gave me a lift that i needed. so thank you to my yahoo inchie group and all the amazing artists there. and...

thanks, abbie for the button floozie swap!! when i saw her note on the outside of the package, i had a sneaky feeling my buttons were from none other than marian, who is my vintage apron swap partner! i loved all the goodies and already know what i'll do with them. stay tuned for some fall funess!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

good morning on this pink saturday. i'm sharing a picture today of my pink ginger plant. every year we cut this down completely in the winter and it is so lush the next spring. it seems to grown overnight.

this is a picture of my niece's birthday invite for last year. her mom teaches dancing so she had a ballerina party and cut each invitation out after printing the information. isn't it darling?
a sweet valentine card from one of my best friends. i collect bee "stuff" so this was perfect!!
hope ya'll all have a great pink week. visit everyones posts through how sweet the sound over at beverly's blog. thanks suesue

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

breakfast club

wednesday morning breakfast was eaten at a little cafe' named demitasse which is fortunately connected to an antique mall.  we had fun posing and browsing and, of course, purchasing things we NEED. 
p.s. not this hat!!

guess what's all wrapped up? yep-it's my vintage apron swap for marian of dreamweaver fame. she creates the most gorgeous woven scarves. she blogs from the land down under(that makes me want to sing!). i hope she likes all her goodies. the swap was hosted by garboodles (who i am so glad decided to keep blogging) who is a multi-talented woman herself.  

Monday, August 11, 2008


georgia, originally uploaded by suesueb.

i made a small crown for georgia with silver fabric and ribbon and added some sparkles to it. she never tried to take it off! i think she looks quite like royalty. maybe i'm a little prejudice?

Friday, August 8, 2008

rainy day projects

the weather here today is terrible, it hasn't stopped storming since early this morning. my plans for being on the road will have to wait so i got busy with a fun favor for a good friend and baby onesies. my friends' granddaughter is starting nursery and needed some mat covers. i appliqued a crown on some leopard fabric for one, ribbons on another, and then her name on the third. i delivered the first two because school was starting today but finished the last just now. bright, fun colors for a bright, fun little girl!!

and.....i finally found my fabric inkpads that i had ordered from palette. i knew they were hiding somewhere in my sewing room, but i overlooked them for about two months. the grandbabies were fixin' to outgrow the onesies before i could decorate them!

for georgia kate------------
for gabriel paul------------
this was so much fun! i'll want to stamp everything now. hmmm, i wonder if i could get away with doing something on my dh's shirts. maybe like a warning of some kind. those who know him know exactly what i mean.  now i need to make a crown for gk for a bday party tomorrow. i think i'll do one out of fabric so it'll be soft for her head. i'll take a pic when i'm through to share.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


a sneak peak at my package for the button floozie swap. i love vintage buttons and have quite a collection. sometimes it's hard to use them but i guess i can't keep them all-especially since i keep acquiring more and more!

this is a poor quality picture of my first paper inchie swap. i did two fabric inchie swaps and loved the inchies i received. there's so much talent out in this blogging, creating world and i'm a lucky recipient.

tomorrow i hope i can start working on a few other swaps-i started keeping a tablet to try to organize the due dates of them all. g'nite!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

morning! today is wednesday which means the "breakfast club" with my family. i've missed the last two because one week i was at the hospital with my son and the next week on vacation. today we're going to mom's house. below is a picture of my sister modeling some "vintage" clothes. my mom has been cleaning out closets and we all benefit from her treasures. fortunately, or unfortunately as my dh says, i usually benefit the most and bring home bags of fabric, old clothes, buttons, lace, trim, etc. 

my mom never threw away anything-so the acorn (a.k.a. nut) doesn't fall far from the tree.
this was another breakfast morning when i handily had my camera. being silly is part of the therapy this group provides. 
my niece,
my youngest sister,
and a tomato friend!
hope ya'll all have a great day! smile.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

welcome all you pink ladies to another round of pink pics! below is a chinese pincushion that belongs to my sister. he looks like he's struggling to hold on!!
this is another crocheted purse done in pink. i think next time i'll make it narrower.
my two grandbabies having fun for the fourth in a pink pool. my granddaughter is so very cautious and my grandson doesn't care if he falls forward in the water. they're both starting to crawl right now so that means constantly clean floors!!

ya'll all have a wonderful pink saturday-i'm off to go scrapbooking!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

leeville signs

leeville signs, originally uploaded by suesueb.

the owners of the yacht that used to moor here traveled through the gulf for years and collected hard hats from rigs, driftwood, ring buoys, and nailed it all to the boatshed walls. the wife painted these signs and hung them everywhere in the shed because they lived in the yacht and had fixed up the shed as a home too. they were fun, interesting people and my kids all have fond memories of the times they shared with them. now the shed is a skeleton but the signs and other collections still remain as a reminder of the two "sailors" we once knew. to see some of the other signs visit my flickr page.

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