Friday, August 8, 2008

rainy day projects

the weather here today is terrible, it hasn't stopped storming since early this morning. my plans for being on the road will have to wait so i got busy with a fun favor for a good friend and baby onesies. my friends' granddaughter is starting nursery and needed some mat covers. i appliqued a crown on some leopard fabric for one, ribbons on another, and then her name on the third. i delivered the first two because school was starting today but finished the last just now. bright, fun colors for a bright, fun little girl!!

and.....i finally found my fabric inkpads that i had ordered from palette. i knew they were hiding somewhere in my sewing room, but i overlooked them for about two months. the grandbabies were fixin' to outgrow the onesies before i could decorate them!

for georgia kate------------
for gabriel paul------------
this was so much fun! i'll want to stamp everything now. hmmm, i wonder if i could get away with doing something on my dh's shirts. maybe like a warning of some kind. those who know him know exactly what i mean.  now i need to make a crown for gk for a bday party tomorrow. i think i'll do one out of fabric so it'll be soft for her head. i'll take a pic when i'm through to share.


Jeanne said...

Love those stamped baby things. I would like to do stamping, but I have never started it. I admire the stamp art pieces my friends have done. I have seen beautiful cards etc. from stamping. Maybe one day.

Take care, Jeanne

Amy said...

i bet little rae is the envy of her classmates with those neat mat covers and those onsies are super cute too. what's the brand of the stamp pads you used? lord knows i don't need another supply but i cannot help myself sometimes...

dana wyzard said...

What type ink do you use for the clothing stamps? STAZON?? I make greeting cards and never thought to use them on cloth!! I am ASTOUNDED!


suesueb said...

the ink pads are called Palette and are from a website called papertrey. my niece ordered them for me but i could find out the exact site if ya'll want.

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