Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry to be posting so late for Pink Saturday. Went with my daughters to buy some maternity things and today I'm going help her clean her house since she had all her windows changed and there's dust everywhere.  GRATEFUL that I can help, GRATEFUL that I have all my kids to love and love me and GRATEFUL to live in such a wonderful world where there are so many helping hands for those in need.

Today I'm linking with Beverly and Kelee for this cause. Please leave a comment for a donation!!

Here is the video to watch about Charlie.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Pink Saturday

Another week has flown by and school will be starting soon for Georgia and Gabe. So exciting!! I made some bows for Georgia and she decided to put them all in last night~a la "Fancy Nancy" style!

And these little rascals are as endearing as ever, Gabe winking at everyone and Avery with her first little pigtails!

Can't wait for Ollie to join them to add to all the commotion!

Checking out the other Pinkies tomorrow. Today is my dh's bday and we're going eat out at a new restaurant dtb (down the bayou). Can't wait!!

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