Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry to be posting so late for Pink Saturday. Went with my daughters to buy some maternity things and today I'm going help her clean her house since she had all her windows changed and there's dust everywhere.  GRATEFUL that I can help, GRATEFUL that I have all my kids to love and love me and GRATEFUL to live in such a wonderful world where there are so many helping hands for those in need.

Today I'm linking with Beverly and Kelee for this cause. Please leave a comment for a donation!!

Here is the video to watch about Charlie.



LV said...

It is nice that you and daughter have a good relationship. So many do not. That is a very pretty pink bloom.

Anonymous said...


I am GRATEFUL for you! Thank-you for this simply
lovely post. On the table right in front of my keyboard is a single pink hydrangea I picked from my garden yesterday....

Thank-you for your effort on behalf of Miracle Makeover. You are a Design Angel with wings of

In Gratitude,

Kelee and Charlie

Marydon said...

Oh, thank you so much for joining our efforts for Kelee & Charlie, sweetie. You are a peach!

Your flowers pink is just delightful.

Have a beautiful day ~
Marydon said...


Thank-you for your post in support of the Miracle Makeover blog party. The hydrangea represents the beauty of your inspiration to help a great cause! Together we are making a differnce in the world one comment at a time!

Sending a big hug,

Sherry, The DGB Team

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