Saturday, January 29, 2011

Auction fun, Pink Saturday and other good stuff

Stayed up late reading blogs and catching up with all my internet friends. One post usually leads to another and before I know it hours pass. Besides all the inspiration, I do have some great laughs and deep thoughts (does that sound too SNL) along the way. 

One blog had a clip from the Carol Burnett show about "Went with the Wind" and I had to watch both of those. Too funny. Every time I think of Scarlett O'Hara I think of Carol Burnett too. Other blogs have posts on all the great things people are doing to help the victims of the Australian floods like making toys for the kids who lost everything.

I do love the internet blogging community. It's really given me a way to connect with so many others who love the same things I do and love to share. Today I'm linking up with Beverly and Pink Saturday. I haven't done this in so long so I don't have a blog to share with y'all but next week I will. Enjoy!

This picture shares an outfit that I'm making from a Simplicity pattern. I didn't exactly follow the directions for the yoke because I wanted to add the pink rickrack into the seam instead of on top. I had to do a lot more pinning and basting than I usually do to get it to come out okay but I like the end results. The hat was a first for me but I love the way it turned out. I didn't finish either because I need the measurement for the dress length and some bias tape for the inside of the hat. Maybe tomorrow.

This is a photo of my new iron. Isn't it bright? I bought this at an auction Thursday night that I went to with one of my sisters and her husband. They auction anything! Candy, cereal, dishes, antiques, knickknacks, etc. It's fun to go and just see what people will bid on. The auctioneer is really funny and adds quite a few remarks along the way. This iron was brand new and since I've been buying some dollar store ones lately (which usually crap out in the middle of a project), I needed something I could count on for a while.

 Then I wanted to show y'all this adorable memory box my sister, Karen made for my grandson. His party theme was carnival (on a post below) and she took his picture and put it in a carnival box. Isn't is precious? Look at that little face. He is going to love it!! I'm going to post some more pictures of it on flickr to show the back and sides.

One of my goals this year is to blog more often and take more pictures to share. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful win, Wonderful project

I'd first like to thank Freda's Hive for this stack of incredibleness! I won these last week or so and when I received them I was so thrilled! I want to make some valentine gifts and these prints are perfect. Now to decide exactly what to make!!

Next is a picture of the knitting project I started. Of course, I didn't have the same yarn which will make a size difference (which doesn't matter) but the small yarn is probably making it harder to see what I'm doing. Taking each row at a time and still have to rip back. The written instructions are much more confusing than the chart. At first I was so intimidated by the chart but now that I understand it I can follow it better. Hopefully I'll finish this before I become too frustrated! Linking to kootoyoo for the fun of checking out more fun blogs. A good winter past time especially when one has a cold!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gabe's Birthday

Welcome to Gabe's Carnival Birthday!! Sparkles the Lion and of course, I'm the elephant!

The Birthday Boy.....

A wonderful cake made by his great aunt!!

And a random thought-why would someone steal a sign from town???????? Total disregard for others' property!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Past

A few pictures from the holidays. 

Avery with me

Gabe and Georgia sword fighting

I made these paperweights for my brothers and sisters with memorabilia from my Mom and Dad. They included their picture, copy of Marriage Certificate with flowers and a part of a card from my Dad to my Mom. Also a little piece of lace from her nightgown and backed with a piece of his Army blanket. I included a different small Limoges clasp piece for each one/or buttons and other embellishments. They all loved them. Memory gifts are the best!

Happy New Year!!

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