Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

anthropologie trip

i had to go to the doctor in baton rouge, so to make the trip worthwhile (ha, ha) my bh brought me to anthropologie first. my kids had given me a gift card for Christmas and i knew i'd find some fun stuff for spring (which i'm so looking forward to).  this towel was so cute and was in the sale rack so i couldn't pass it up. all that stitching!!these dishtowels are so pretty too. the cookies are from eric for valentine's day (from la madeline) they're so delicious!
this apron was on sale too!! isn't it cute?
and i decided to buy some more bowls because my polka dot ones are chipped. i wanted the pink and red ones too but the red was too dark and there were no pink right now. gives me a good excuse to go back.
the doctor prescribed some physical therapy for my foot so hopefully that will help with the pain and i'll be able to walk for more than 30 minutes before i really have to call it quits. that really puts a damper on playing outside with the grand kids or shopping! keep your fingers crossed for me!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

pink valentine saturday

happy valentine's day!! hope all of you enjoy the pinkness of beverly's gang today along with me! below is a picture of the bread pudding i made for the breakfast club wednesday, in my pink baking dish.
just a touch of pink here-strawberries in a delicious pastry.
here's a valentine girl that i painted a few years ago. one of my friends and our daughters each did one and they were all so beautiful and different.
valentine display at breakfast.
and a hat i made for a birthday gift.

hope y'all all enjoy your day and your week!! today is sort of sad for me because my son and his family moved out yesterday to their house. i'm happy for them but i'll sure be lonesome. the house will seem so empty-i guess i'll have to keep really busy! take care

Saturday, February 7, 2009


pink post is next. this is an art*essence post for saturday. tracy webster is hosting a challenge every saturday so hopefully i'll be able to keep up with the pinks and the challenges, maybe combine sometimes!! 

for my first challenge which is "two peas in a pod" i'd like to talk about my header on my blog and the pair of crocheted gloves laying on the pillow. my mom gave me the gloves not long after i got married (33 years now) and they're beautiful and in mint condition. i've worn them a couple of times to summer weddings with a linen dress but it's been a while now. the pillow was made by my aunt from scraps of my wedding dress for my present. i have these both in my bedroom, which is probably the most romantic room in my house (with no objections from my husband). i adore vintage and antique things and when they are from family it makes them so much more special! if y'all want to join the challenge, check out the link in the post or the picture link below my blog. thanks!!

pink birthday for pink saturday

last sunday my great niece had a princess tea party for her birthday at my mom's house. everything was so pink so i decided to post these pictures for pink saturday.a pink teapot banner made by my sister karen.
the fabulous pink teapot cake made by sister melanie. the top was chocolate and the bottom yellow butter flavor. it was as delicious as it was pretty!
and here of course is princess georgia in her sassy pink and brown hat. her dress had teapots on the bottom but i didn't get a good picture.
hope y'all all have a wonderful pink week!! the weather here today is supposed to be wonderful and i have a birthday boucherie to go to so i'll be checking some post today and through the week. au revoir!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

finished this little shrug last night for georgia for easter. hoping to sew a dress to match. the pattern is from debbie bliss, simply baby and was pretty easy to follow. i'd like to do some more knitting before summer.

found the most fun link on greenkitchen. unfortunately i don't take too many (good) pics of myself but this was a silly one from breakfast. cathy-don't you love it??? i also downloaded the sweater pattern. don't know when i'll get to the movies to see coraline-maybe next week.

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