Tuesday, February 17, 2009

anthropologie trip

i had to go to the doctor in baton rouge, so to make the trip worthwhile (ha, ha) my bh brought me to anthropologie first. my kids had given me a gift card for Christmas and i knew i'd find some fun stuff for spring (which i'm so looking forward to).  this towel was so cute and was in the sale rack so i couldn't pass it up. all that stitching!!these dishtowels are so pretty too. the cookies are from eric for valentine's day (from la madeline) they're so delicious!
this apron was on sale too!! isn't it cute?
and i decided to buy some more bowls because my polka dot ones are chipped. i wanted the pink and red ones too but the red was too dark and there were no pink right now. gives me a good excuse to go back.
the doctor prescribed some physical therapy for my foot so hopefully that will help with the pain and i'll be able to walk for more than 30 minutes before i really have to call it quits. that really puts a damper on playing outside with the grand kids or shopping! keep your fingers crossed for me!


kdottiedesigns said...

I love Anthropologie! It's my favorite place to shop - they have the best clothes. I have those stripped dish towels, they are great!

Hope you are better!

beki said...

I love that store! I need to get back there soon :)

cathy gaubert said...

i have yet to go, so i will live vicariously through you...who better to do that with?! i hope that the foot has been better this week. we will try and stop by for the parade tomorrow (with three in tow, it's a bit harder to get to all of the places that we need to be.)!!!

kayellen said...

Looks like a really fun shopping day!!!
Love the towel and Apron!!!

Pretty crisp spring colors;-)

I better make a trip to the closest one to me...for sale!!!


jenclair said...

What a great haul!

orangehousegardens said...

My husband keeps joking that I should get a job at Anthropologie but I'd never actually get a paycheck! I stick to the sale section there myself, I have a bunch of the little colored bowls, including ORANGE, they're perfect for a little scoop of ice cream.

wild child said...

Loved all the Anthropologie coolness! Especially the dish towel with all the lovely stitching on it and the adorable apron! And I have a set of those same bowls (but in pink!) - yay!

Meg :)

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