Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pink Saturday

Time for another Pink Saturday with Beverly and all her pink bloggers! Today is the 2nd anniversary of this celebration and I cheer all of you with an ice cold smoothie made with fresh Louisiana strawberries, mangoes, and orange juice!!

Our strawberries are really sweet and the season is much longer than it used to be. Here I have a whole tray frozen and ready to put up for future use, smoothies or ice cream. Aren't they pretty against that blue pan?

I didn't participate last weekend but did sneak in during the week and found a wonderful blog added to the list, Two Crazy Crafters. Great projects with the vintage look that I love!! Have fun hopping around to visit and have a wonderful pink week!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving On

It's summertime down here already (90 degrees and above) and there always seems to be something else to do besides create. I've really been unproductive with my sewing or other things since Mom passed. Katie finally did decide on her wedding invites so I may be able to start those this weekend. I need a push from somewhere. Last week my nephew and family came down from NY so we spent time with them, playing and letting all the cousins get to know each other again. Here they are playing "Ring Around the Rosy" on the mini trampoline at Karen's house. So sweet!

We also went to the Aquarium of the America's in New Orleans on Friday. We were supposed to go to the beach at Grand Isle but with the oil spill there won't be too much of that for probably years. It's really a terrible situation and will affect more than just the immediate coast. 

Here are a few pics from the aquarium.

They really had a fun time and all got along so well. (They're all 2 years old)

Saturday we boiled crawfish and shrimp at our house and we all played outside until the dark and mosquitoes took over. 


Finally, a tired and dirty crew got cleaned up for bedtime!

On Sunday, my niece held her dance recital, which is a total family affair also. Everyone pitches in to help and we all go back to her mom and dad's to visit (and eat) afterwards. A really nice ending to a fun-filled week! Hope your week was as filled with love!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pink Saturday

Wishing a Happy Pink Week to all the pink lovers out there. Here is a rose to all of you from my sister's garden. So, so gorgeous! 

And of course it's hard to do a post without including a couple of pictures of my precious grands.  Here's Gabe sneaking some icing from a cookie cake, doesn't he look so mischievous? He played with that pink ribbon all afternoon.

And here's Georgia holding Avery. She was so proud, she loves her little cousin so much!

Hope y'all have fun visiting the Pink bloggers today. Did y'all get a copy of Artful Blogging yet? So exciting to have Pink Saturday in this edition!! One of my favorite pictures is the one by Jill Burgess of Bailiwick Designs, so lovely. I just want to cart that box of goodies home and look at it!! Thanks to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound again and congratulations to her on her publication in Artful Blogging.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Queen Rena

June 1, 1923
April 29, 2010

Today I'd like to pay tribute to a very special woman, my Mother. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and for the first time in my life I won't be with her. She'll be celebrating her new life with Jesus. 

My mom was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She never met a stranger and loved talking to everyone and finding out their life story. She raised ten children and lost two a couple of years ago. She survived a double mastectomy. She lost my dad when she was 55 and had to get a job for insurance reasons with my two younger sisters still at home. We are strong because of her. Her biggest pride was her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Last Wednesday we celebrated our last breakfast with her at St. Mary's Catholic Church and hopefully showed her what she meant to all of us and how much we loved her and will always carry her in our hearts. The picture below was taken for our Mardi Gras parade this year. My youngest son placed Georgia's crown on her head and she wore it all day. She was our "Queen" and will be missed.

I haven't been able to participate in Pink Saturday since Mom got sick and missed all y'all pinks. Thank you Beverly for giving me the chance to share this for Pink Saturday. I won't be in town today but will visit the other pink blogs Monday when I get back to town. Have a wonderful Pink Week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I don't even know how to say this except to write that I lost my Mom last week. She couldn't seem to get strong enough and slipped away quickly which I guess is a blessing. She'll be missed by all who loved her so, so much. We'll be having our last breakfast with her Wednesday at church and tell her so. suesue

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