Monday, March 16, 2009


a couple of months ago rachael had an idea that we should get together (all the girls and kids) and form a dinner club to use our good serving china and visit, play games, create memories, and eat of course! we all brain stormed and kt came up with the name c.h.o.m.p. (can't have our men present) unless of course, they follow certain rules (such as dressing like a woman and behaving!) anyway-there are some rules to follow. everyone must be a hostess (even at someone else's house if they don't have the room), you have to follow the theme, and you need to bring a dish following the theme also. rachael hosted the first chomp and her theme was italian food and wearing roman togas to celebrate the Ide's of March. we had so much fun and laughed and ate and laughed and ate!!!

here's gabe doing a pose on the hassock. just like a man--he laid there so naturally and didn't move for quiet a while!
some of the food. ceasar salad, calzones, brushetta, foccacia bread. we also had shrimp alfredo, frittata, mac and cheese, portabello mushrooms, roasted red pepper soup, and desserts.
georgia and i wore our brightly colored togas proudly! she left it on for almost the whole party. we played bingo (loudly) and really had so much fun. our first chomp was a success. the next one will be in may (because of Easter in april) and the theme is "mom's cooking" at my house. everyone has to wear an apron! 

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wild child said...

Hi There!

What a cute post! And what a fun idea too!

It's Meg here, from Wild Child :) I wanted to stop by and say HI - and also say THANKS for posting a comment on my blog! Come by any time!

Meg :)

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