Friday, October 31, 2008

happy hauntings!! the weather here is glorious today and so tonight halloween should be absolutely perfect! my two little babies are not going to be around so i'm heading over to a friend's house for their little party. just wanting to share a few halloween pics that i already posted on flickr. i made these two pillows for my craft sale and sadly they have to remain in my house this year. i love them though so i really can't complain.
this is a picture of my brother-in-law's haunted house in his front yard. it's so huge you can't even see his house! totally fabulous!! i have some more pictures on my flickr page for details. don't think any of the kiddies will approach it though!
this is my adorable red-haired niece. i found this darling red-haired witchy fabric and knew i needed to make her a dress for halloween. also made her a potion bag! isn't she so cute?
lastly i want to link to a blog for a fantastic giveaway. jc handmade will make a custom baby quilt for YOU. just enter and link to maybe be the lucky one (p.s. i like greens and blues).  i found this blog thru my good friend cathy. she also makes fantastic things and even though she had a baby just about two weeks ago, she's been blogging and keeping up with her reading! go visit and see her creations.



Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween!

What a fun PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you for your lovely comments. You niece look cute as a pink lovin' witch! That haunted house is awesome! Bummer your pillows didn't sell. Things are pretty slow! I like them. I think the 13 is pretty neat! You know maybe you could put it up as someone's birth date! And some people might like a spider pillow. Maybe for a boys room! They don't look to Halloween. Maybe just advertise differently Just a thought.

Have a fabulous day. pink hugs, Ellen

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