Friday, February 18, 2011

Pink Saturday

I'm so honored to be featured today for Pink Saturday hosted by our wonderful blog friend, Beverly. I've been posting pink on and off for quite a while now and have met some great blog friends through the years. They've made me laugh, cry and always realize how great this world can be. We are all sisters (and sometimes brothers) who want the same in life ~ a healthy, happy family and a world where we can be peaceful together and support each other.

For my pink today I'd like to share my Valentine party I hosted last Sunday for my family. I wanted to make it special and Pink, to show them how much they mean to me. And besides, we all love to be together!!

I placed Valentine tablecloths on each table and used some of the food as centerpieces. This table had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, raspberry scones, white chocolate strawberries and tea cookies.

The other table featured white chocolate strawberries, raspberry macarons, and strawberry mini cupcakes.

We also had red velvet cupcakes, fruit and cheese, chicken salad, chocolate pineapple and strawberries, more scones with lemon curd, and grape tomatoes.

For dessert we had candy and sundaes with hot fudge or salted caramel sauce (a big hit!). Of couse I'm including some pictures of my three littlest Valentines and also some wonderful news~~my daughter Katie is expecting her first child in October. We're all so excited!!

And finally, a late Valentine to all the Pink participants. I received this monday and loved it so I needed to share!!  Go here Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope y'all all have a wonderful pink week!


Gabriela Delworth said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love these sweet faces!

~ Gabriela ~

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, such delicious delights. The three little valentines are just precious too. Congratulations to your daughter, and to you. Such a happy time for all. Happy PS

racheld said...

What an absolutely CHARMING party! Everything is just gorgeous, and the menu and setting were just perfect.

I'd love to hear more about how much of the food you made yourself, and the recipe for that caramel sauce AND the chicken salad.

Happy Pink Saturday!


AshTreeCottage said...

I love the name of your blog! My license plate spells LANYAP ~ the phonetic spelling. I could not fit the appropriate spelling on the plate. I live in Idaho and the lady at the DMV asked me if it was a dirty word. I had to explain to her what it meant. I have actually had people follow me into stores and pull up next to me to ask me what it means. My husband is from Texas and his best friend has a place in Port O'Connor that is named Lagniappe. Happy Pink Saturday! I love your kitchen remodel ~ great job!!

Susan and Bentley

Donnie said...

Congratulations on Katie's new blessing. Everyone looked like they had a great time with all your treats.

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

My what a party! And, those three darling little faces! The best valentines of all!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share today. I so enjoyed the wonderful food that you put together. You tablecloths and food looked so beautiful. I know the family had a wonderful time.

And of course what a wonderful thing, a new baby in the family. I just know that your precious Katie is thrilled. That first is always so exciting.

Love all your little Valentine faces. They are SO sweet.

I also loved your America Valentine is that gorgeous or what? Thank you for sharing with me today.

Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Please stop over and say hello. I am having a CSN giveaway and would love to have you enter.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

monah said...

Sweet babies. Sorry I missed your party. LOL.
I have always read to do a grouping especially if something is small--what you have done with trivets has made them so interesting and attractive. Wonderful. And your rooster rug is so nice too. Thanks for letting us visit your home.

Visit me if you have a chance.

Sarah said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you. Thanks for sharing the treats.

Maison Mutt said...

What a tasty time you all had! Yummy!
Happy PS!
Licks & Wags, Niki

LV said...

Looks like Beverly picked the right one to feature today. You have a nice blog. Those children are precious, and I do believe everyone had a good time at your party.

Jeanne said...

Hello Suesue, Congratulations on being featured today. Your blog started just a few weeks after mine. Mine was May 8th and Beverly helped me get started. I have loved doing this and I will never stop blogging. Your Valentines party was divine. I know your family loves you dearly. So much wonderful food and best of all a new grandbaby coming. I love your precious little valentines too.

Happy PS.
Hugs, Jeanne

Dru said...

Beautiful post Sue - everything looks delicious!! Those cupcakes are beautiful and so are the strawberries - I'm sure everyone had such a good time, and congrats on the new little one coming. Happy Pink Saturday!

KarenHarveyCox said...

I don't know what is sweeter, those cute baby faces or your wonderful pastry. Congratulations on being featured on Pink Saturday.

Happy Pink Saturday,


Char said...

It looks like you had the perfect guests at the lovely party. What fun!! Your food looks yummy!!
Happy Pink Saturday, Char

LADY JANE said...

Hello! Wow a treat to visit with you again...and a extra specialsweet treat to see your Valentines! Happy Day to you and congrats on being the featured blog! I am finally getting back to blogging and have missed stop in if you have time...Hugs!

Regina said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sue. How sweet and adorable. Wonderful post!

Happy weekend.


Marydon said...

Love those adorable kid-lings! Your table & decor & food are just beautiful ... & so inviting.

Happy PS Saturday ~

Tricia said...

Wow! I wish someone would invite me to a Valentine part like that! Those raspberry scones sound just scrumptious. Those little ones looked like they sure had fun! Happy PS!


Linda M. said...

Congratulation on being featured today. Happy Pink Saturday. You party looks so YUMMY! Your guest are adorable. Have a great week. Linda

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, suesue. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.

Yum! I wish I had been at your party. Everything looks delicious and pretty.

I especially love your little Valentines, and congratulations on a new little one coming soon.

Kay Ellen said...

So many yummy treats~~ and adorable kiddos!!

Happy Pink Saturday ~~sweet blogging friend :))

Congrats are your wonderful featured posting!!

Kay Ellen

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