Thursday, November 5, 2009

Movie sets and loving my repaired Bernina

They filmed a small movie in town last week and I took a few pictures of the set before they started. It's being done by a local couple who have done quite a few films, historical fiction and non-fiction. This one is about WWII soldiers who married French girls and brought them home after the war. They set up this store front to recreate the 1940's.

Isn't it neat??

Don't you wish the prices were the same today??

I did go watch a little while when I walked my dog but didn't bring the camera. Loved the old cars and clothes!!

On another note, sewing happily with my repaired machine. I had sent it off for a few(long) weeks and really missed though my d-i-l lent me her Brother. I've been having fun with the fancy stitches that I couldn't use for so long. Check it out..............

Little flower stitch.

Zig-zag for the applique and a buttonhole stitch around the yoke.

Making me soooooooo  happy!!!


Sarah said...

Love the dresses! That's fun that you got to see the film set. Lots of films are made in Greenwich Park near where I live and I love seeing the sets and actors all dressed up! It amazes me the detail they go to only to use it in the film for a few minutes!

beki said...

They've been filming all over Baton Rouge lately. The other day I thought part of Spanish Town was on fire, but it was just part of a movie set.
My machine has fancy stitches, but I never think to use them. The dresses are so cute!

cathy gaubert said...

so cool! is that the building right alongside mr. bubba's law office and across from gouaux's drug store (well, i know it isn't gouaux's anymore, but it always will be to me)? i didn't know that they were filming in lockport, too.
i'm so happy that you have your bernina back and that it didn't cost you an arm + leg to have it repaired. that first sweet dress is my favorite!!!
we missed you for the party this year. you would have adored the animals!

jenclair said...

There is still some movie activity going on here, too. Love the transformation and the prices in the store window!

Adorable little dresses and maybe that will inspire me to get back to my machine!

Anonymous said...

Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

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