Thursday, November 12, 2009

Creative Spaces

I love checking out the Creative Spaces hosted by this lovely lady. So many great inspirations and really cute ideas!! Sharing my space this week with some Christmas ornaments I'm making for a swap. Finally joined all the quilters with their hexagon love. These little bitty things take some time! But they're really quite addictive. Maybe after the other holiday chaos settles down, I'll try to make some larger ones.
Going visit the other creative ladies on the list-later!


Tania said...

Given my usual appalling sense of timing, I will no doubt cotton on to this kind of addiction AFTER Christmas. Sigh.

michelle said...

these look really lovely. they are time consuming but a good evening activity

yardage girl said...

These are lovely, and very festive. I haven't yet become addicted - trying to resist!!

cathy gaubert said...

what?? teeny christmas-y hexies? love them!!! i have a ton that i have been working on while i sit in car-rider line in the afternoons. hmmm, i may need to add christmas fabrics to my basket. :)

Susie Jefferson said...

These look lovely....but an awful lot of work! All power to your elbow, as they say.

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