Friday, July 31, 2009

fun fabric buttons

fun fabric buttons, originally uploaded by suesueb.

aren't these the most adorable buttons? they'd make cute clothes for an adult or child. i can't tell you which are my favs 'cause i love them all. i think the top ones look like swimmers for some reason and the bottom ones like flapper girls of course. you could draw or embroidery a whole doll around these on a little dress or coat. i posted some more pictures of my new york purchases on flickr. so many ideas churn in my head when i'm buying things. wish i had (like you all do) more time to play with my "stuff".

yesterday i made two sleep mat covers for my niece from material i bought in new york. they really came out cute-hope she loves them.
i'll post those tomorrow probably. today i'm bringing kt to the doc (she has some swelling in her wrist joint and severe pain) and then helping rach clip her dog this afternoon. maybe in between i can get something done in my studio! (if i get off the computer!!)

both my older kids have put their houses up for sale this week. rach and her family want a smaller house and yard and paul and his want a larger house. of course, it all hinges on if they can sell theirs. i hope they find what they want.


cindy said...

The buttons are so cute! I esp love the clock face and moon face ones. Lots of possibilities here! :D

yapping cat

Barbara said...

Morning, Love the fabric buttons and I am hard pressed to name a favorite. Sorry about KT, hope her wrist is better. Have a great day.


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