Thursday, July 23, 2009

books from my childhood

more from my childhood, originally uploaded by suesueb.

looking for books for "shades of inspiration" weekly challenge. these were on top my bedroom armoire under some picnic baskets. i thought i only had needlepoint in the baskets but found some old unfinished projects from when i was pregnant with my first apparently. some lavender granny crochet squares, an aqua knitted blanket still on the needles, and other needlework projects. i'll have to revisit those baskets one day soon! visit my flickr stream for more pictures of old books and illustrations from them!


Anonymous said...

oooohhhhoh old hardbound books. They'll make nice display, yes? Are they storybooks? When you found that basket, a gush of memories must have overwhelmed you. Specially those unfinished projects hen you were pregnant. :-)

YOu're back? Nice to know you hada safe trip.


caren said...

What a great picture! Isn't it fun when you find things you forgot you had?

Susie Jefferson said...

Aren't these a great find! I notice one of the books is Davy and the Goblin - I wonder if it's part of the Princess and the Goblin series? If so, it's very rare, so don't do anything bad to it!

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