Tuesday, April 28, 2009

vintage button jewelry

just posting a few pics of some of my jewelry i made to sell at a local craft fair. i didn't do so well-a lot of people looked but didn't buy. these are all made with vintage buttons.

the necklaces have vintage buttons, glass beads, and old watch faces.

my next thought is to list them on the internet. i have to learn how to do that though-i signed up for "artfire" which is like etsy but not as expensive. i may do both for a while and see how it goes. i'm also going to put some of the chenille brooches from my last post there. maybe next week-we'll see.


Kdottie Designs said...

I love you jewelry - it's so dainty! Are they baby buttons?

alanes said...

Do you have a follow button that I'm missing? I would love to follow your blog. You're so talented!

Abby Lanes said...

It's me again, I was signed into the wrong account before when trying to leave a comment. This one links to my blog. You aer super creative and I'd like to "follow" your blog.

Anonymous said...

Button, button who's got the button. This was a game I played as a child about a hundred years ago. What a neat idea to make jewelry out of buttons.

Abby Lanes said...

These are so fantastic. Good luck to you in your sales. You create such beautiful things!

Amy said...

suesue, these are all gorgeous! you should certainly list them on artfire and etsy. and flickr too and tag the heck out of all of them so people can find them.

Anonymous said...

Love your jewelry! I'm sure it will sell at the 'right' place. It's gorgeous!! x

One Flew Over said...

Fantastic idea! The buttons look great!

jenclair said...

The bead/button/watch necklaces are so cool! What a great idea! Also love that little shades of white button bracelet...well, all of them, but the white in particular.

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