Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

i hope everyone had a good Easter. the day was windy but the threat of rain didn't keep anyone from enjoying the holiday. i dressed sparkles up before we left and took her picture. i thought she was so cute!

georgia in her Easter outfit. the sweater was too big but still looked so sweet on her. i'll have to try again to make one that fits better.
gabe was too adorable in his Easter suit too. he had so much fun on the trampoline.
the day was beautiful with everyone eating delicious food and laughing and joking all day. God has truly blessed us all. 


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What an adorable fur baby! And the children are just precious!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter! And thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Angelic Accents

Sandra Evertson said...

And I LOVE your fabulous knitted eggs below! Thanks for your visit and yes, please feel free to share it!
Sandra Evertson

sew{very}Creative said...

What adorable babies (four-legged baby, too!)!!!

I hate to ask this here, but can you send me an email? You won my give-away for the Anna Marie Horner fabrics (+ oodles of "add-ons")!!

{sewy-quilty hugs!}

karen said...

oh my, what a sweet boy! My leg is fine now, 100%, thanks so much for asking, Karen.

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