Friday, April 24, 2009

studio update and blog win

it's been a while since i posted pics of my new studio. things have been busy, Easter, a community fair my family helps with, and my older son having foot surgery. a snapped a few shots for an update. i have to say i've been sewing in there and it's so lovely. i can open the front door and have a breeze and the light is phenomenal! the shelf unit below was built from a doorway that used to lead into my bedroom. when i had it closed off a friend built these shelves for the girls to display their knickknacks. perfect for my button and ribbon jars.

this is the hotel posting box that i bought so long ago. i had to wrest it from my hubby but replaced it with an antique rolltop desk. already full of patterns, wrapping stuff and other stuff (such as candy, for strength you know!)
this is a view with it closed. pretty neat, uh?
i won these two embroidery patterns on bookwormbethie's blog. hopefully i'll have time to use them soon. i have some kitchen towels to work on and these patterns are perfect!! bethie's embroidery is wonderful!!
i'm watching the golden compass at paul's house-pretty interesting. 

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Mermaids of the Lake said...

Your studio is fun! I have always wanted one of those hotel posting boxes. It looks great!

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