Friday, September 12, 2008

one of my new house guests. he's so happy in the morning! today is his 8th month birthday.

my son and his family moved in with us after hurricane gustav damaged their house. i don't know how long they'll be here but it really doesn't matter. i'm just so grateful that we're all safe after the storm. some of us got together sunday night and had an early thanksgiving because we all fared out pretty well with minimum damages. please keep praying for the ones in the path of hurricane ike.


Cami said...

Cutest boy! Awwww! They sure grow up quick!!! And I'm so happy your family is safe and sound. IKE is so, so scary. I am just sick about it.

Nihal said...

Have a Happy Pink Saturday within Pink thoughts. I know it helps us to move away from usual:)

A warm hug for this cute baby.

~N at CrossRoads

Beverly said...

Happy Pink the picture on your blog header! How creative! That window would look lovely in my sewing studio!

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