Friday, September 5, 2008

georgia and gabe-lsu fans

this is what so many trees look like now all over town and on the way home.
this building was being fixed up to house a wooden boat collection from nicholls state university. 

yeah!! the power is on in our house! we live a street away from the utility company so i think that helped. for katrina we didn't get it back too soon because one of our poles was down. little by little things are getting better. still no fresh meat or produce. i need to go ride around tomorrow to find milk at least. house full because the kids utilities aren't up yet. even though they have generators, it's hard to wash clothes and cook without gas. my sons and daughter had to go to work to help with the clean up but that's okay too. we're so lucky!!! lots of damage around town. so many trees down and utility poles cracked and broken. grand isle is unbelievable. we saw some pictures tonight on the internet. no one can get in yet because it's so bad-worse than katrina. it really scares me because this was just a category 2 storm. no one hurt though. another blessing. we did get mail today. last time it was months before it was right because the storm hit new orleans and our mail is routed through there. it's so strange how just a small turn of the storm can change different peoples lives. so many people up in north louisiana affected too. 

posting a happy photo before the storm. happy, happy babies! the kids came to watch the lsu game here because they couldn't catch it with their cable company. we tried to make it an ordinary day without too much worry until later. one kind of nice thing is the quietness without the t.v. don't know when that'll be fixed. 

thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. the long haul is ahead but the lucky ones like us just need to help everyone else. i know this post is backwards with pictures and all but i don't know how to fix it and i'm too tired anyway. that's my whining for tonight!


Jeanne said...

Sue, I am very happy to hear you guts weathered the storm with little damage. I know the lack of supplies is a problem after a hurricane.

Thanks for the report,

Hugs, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Oops, I meant guys and your babies are adorable.

hugs, Jeanne

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