Monday, July 21, 2008

a new dress for georgia

last week i made this dress for my granddaughter-georgia kate) and i used the small size on the pattern (for 12-15 lbs.) but it's a little too big. i think i'll use some of my fat quarters from the vintage sheet swap and try again, maybe add some rickrack (cause i love it!) and ruffles (cause they're so sissy and so is she already). kids' clothes are so much fun to sew. they don't worry about their tummy sticking out or their arm flab showing. now i need to find something to make for gabe, my grandson. below is the detail with a yo-yo bow. aren't the colors wonderful? i used perle cotton to hem the bottom and do a detail stitch around the bodice. 

i went see mamma mia this weekend and thought it was wonderful! i love the singing and dancing, i love the villa, the linens, the beach!! if i could get on a plane tomorrow and go to greece i would, but it'd have to be that particular island. the scenery is absolutely spectacular, go see it if you can.


Shayla said...

That is a beautiful little dress! I can tell there's a quilter in you by the textures and colors you chose. Very nice!

cathygaubert said...

oh, suesue! i love everything about it...the handstitched detail, the yoyo bow, and of course, the colors. now all we need is a picture of georgia in it! i'm working on itsy bitsy baby dresses today, so that i can have a few for miss sophie to wear when we see them this weekend. xoxo

Amy said...

this dress is too cute! i agree with cathy...we definitely need a pic of the wee baby girl in her dress :).

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

what a cute, cute dress! Love the different fabrics... ;)

jenclair said...

I love this one, too! Isn't fun to sew for grandchildren?

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