Thursday, July 31, 2008

just getting back from a small vacation in sandestin, florida. it was unbelievably gorgeous. this was my view from the balcony of my room. i could see water for miles and miles!!

the umbrellas that the boys put up on the beach every morning look like mushrooms that bloomed in the early morning mist. those guys work hard!

this picture was done by a local artist. all his work is done on wood and he cuts out the frames to match the theme of the painting. it's so bright and bold! i loved all the pictures.

this cab was also neat! if you look closely you'll see all the writing and pictures. his license plate says "artcab".

hope you enjoyed the second-hand view! 


cathy gaubert said...

i'm so happy that you had a wonderful time! i adore the mushrooms on the beach. i wonder how those 3 little oddball blue ones made it out there? :)
and thanks for adding me to your list! i need to figure out how to do that, too.

jenclair said...

Love the art cab! In our area many of the city buses are painted, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

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