Thursday, July 3, 2008

my mom found a bunch of transfers that she had for years and gave them to me to use. i couldn't believe it, but they still worked. i ironed them on white cotton and embroidered them the best i could without having a guide. this one was one of my favorites. i decided to make a quilt and yesterday spent the day piecing. i'm terrible about following a pattern so i just cut pieces and then designed the rest of the blocks to sort of match. i have the perfect backing chosen and next week i hope to finish it. 

nice, fun summer colors!!


Joy said...

What a bright and cheerful quilt. I'm sure it will look even more beautiful when you're finished!
Thanks for visiting me. I appreciate your comment!
Have a great holiday weekend!

cathygaubert said...

what a sweetie your mom is, and the little chick is pretty cute, too!

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