Wednesday, June 18, 2008

window of life

i sent this picture to "shades of inspiration" flickr group. the window was given to me by my husband's mom. he had written his name on it with airplane glue when he was young. i added buttons from my grandmothers, mothers, and my collection and old lace and scrapbook elements. it was fun because of all the memories it holds.  i need to learn how to add a button. maybe i could find a tutorial about it.

today is "the breakfast club". for the past 15 or so years, my sisters and mom (and anyone else who wants to) get together for breakfast. our family is large and close. this is my "therapy" session for the week. no matter how low i may feel, i always come home feeling better. we share funny stories, sad or hard stories, and anything anyone wants to discuss. we look at magazines and/or catalogs and sometimes blogs. it is something i rarely miss and i look forward to it always.


Amy said...

The breakfast club sounds like a great time. I wish that was something my family could do more often, but we're spread all over the state which takes some doing to get everyone together.

I said it over on flickr, and I'll say it here too, I just love that window. It's just too wonderful!

jenclair said...

Love the window and that your mil saved it! The buttons are wonderful.

Shannon said...

What a great idea!!! This is so special and I'm sure you treasure it. I love it!!

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