Friday, June 20, 2008


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just joined mantel meme. they really have some great ideas and the list of bloggers to visit is so much fun.
my living room mantel is the focal point of the room. the wood backing reaches all the way to the 16 foot ceiling. every month i try to change the decor. this month i have the decorations for my son's graduation. next month i'll change it to "july 4th". i bought the wooden letters at an antique shop in canton, mississippi last november. the set includes all the alphabet except and i and all the numbers except 1. i've been racking my brain each month to spell out something that only has one letter of the set. if anyone has any other ideas for july, i'd love to hear them.


Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Beautiful wood above your mantel! It is really cool that you are using the letters on your mantel each month. (Congrats to your son, btw.)

YOu have quite a neat collection of artifacts on your mantel - love that!

Thanks for sharing, Chris

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love your mantel and that you change it each month!!
Cingrats to your son as well!
The letters are a perfect touch- such fun...(this is like a game)...Fourth of July...
Star...America (if you could find a neat firecracker ornament or flag or something for the 'i')......we will keep thinking- Love this!!!

kari & kijsa

Susie Harris said...

Om lovin' that you are a southern gal too! Hi neighbor... Im sure I saw you at Canton, hehe Susie H

bj said...

Can you have someone make the letter and number you need to complete the set? Or, as the SISTERS suggested..find a cute firecracker for the I..a Christmas tree for it at Christmas, etc....
Your mantel looks great...
xo bj

Kimba said...

The wood above your mantel is beautiful! It really looks great. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Trixi said...

Your mantel looks great. The wood going up to the ceiling is very pretty. It's funny that you got those in Canton. I live about 35 miles East of Canton. I went to the flea market this year for the first time. It was overwhelming and very fun.

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