Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pink Saturday and Your Vote

Linking late to Beverly and all the pink lovers but I need y'all opinion please. I'm participating in a brooch swap and although I love the pink brooch, my swap partner lives where it's winter now. Should I send the green or the beige? Thanks!

I want to thank Beverly again for her wonderful gifts from her blog birthday. Though her picture is better than mine, here is the awesome display! I've already put the Jasmine reed oil, the cup and saucer, the Believe plaque and the leaf dish in my bathroom which I'm redoing slowly. I'm saving the goodies to share so I don't eat them all by myself!! Thanks again Beverly!

Y'all please let me know about the brooch! Have a great week!!


Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, suesue. I am so glad you received your package. I can't imagine Pink Saturday without you.

All three flowers are gorgeous. I can't decide between them. Maybe the green. Or, maybe the beige. I'm not much help. I know they will like the one you choose.

LV said...

You were a very fortunate lady to win all those gifts. I like all the brooches, but think the green one would be best.

Robin said...

I think they all are adorable, and although your partner lives in the southern hemisphere, I think she will love whichever you decide to send. For what it's worth, I too love the pink one....but I think you should send the one that you think she would like best....favorite color, etc., not based on her current weather. In six short months, she will be having summer. :-)
I hope you are having a pinkishly beautiful weekend

Lorraine said...

Send her the pink. If it's winter now, she'll appreciate a bit of spring. But they're all cute, she'd love any of them! Happy PS!

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