Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what is in a name?

1/4 of an inch is hosting a post about how "your blog" name developed. my name evolves from my french cajun heritage. in my profile i state how a little "lagniappe" is loved by everyone. little extras given to us throughout our lives, good friends, wonderful blogging buddies, loving families, strengths we didn't know we had. i could go on and on and i'm sure all of you have your "lagniappe" in life. above is my lagniappe offering for today! that little tendril climbing up the stalk of the agapantha made me smile. it was my little extra for that day!! 


1/4 of an inch said...

tooo sweet...anything french sounds good to me:)

Tam xo

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Sue, I enjoyed reading your story! Thank you for visiting my blog too. Ros

Anonymous said...

Awww yes, I guess we always have that extra something in life that makes us smile and makes our day enjoyable :-) That little plant crawling is indeed adorable. Soo tiny! :-)

I also you harvest. My those are huge. What's the white one? Look like an eggplant. If it is, hmmmm haven't seen a white one.


The Quilted Librarian said...

Love your blog name, Sue and the picture of the little tendril is sweet. Happy to find your blog.
Best regards,
Dana Fisher

craft chica said...

I like this! I am giving you a thumbs up. AND I LOVE CAJUN TEA!

Thanks for the comment. I am new to this so it is soooooo cool to see the different people that come about and read it!

See you around the internet.
:)j said...

It seems as if anything that is or sounds French always sounds better. Thanks for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

I love yours - how very sweet and "round". It is perfect.

Mine is boring... MaidenShade Matters - things to do with my business, MaidenShade or me - the MaidenShade Lady (as I am known in the art show circuit...)

But I love the idea of this post. Well done!

Tomorrow for Pink Saturday I'm featuring a slideshow of lovely flowers from my Dad's gardens around his home on the St. Croix River in Wisconsin.

Today I have a post on Slide, an application that lets you have slideshows on your blog, website whatever.

Take Care, J

Abby Lanes said...

Lovely entry. My daughter came home asking, "What does our last name mean?" I looked it up and I was surprised. I guess there is a lot in a name. Gorgeous photo.

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