Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunday stash

these little pieces of fabric are from my mom's. don't you love them? i wished i had yards of this to play with-i'll have to do something really cool with the little bits, any ideas??


Tracey said...

That is some great fabric! Maybe you could cut out each one ad applique it on a skirt, or tote bag? Or you could just frame it!

Christina Lowry said...

This fabric is super cute!
Are the pieces large enough to maybe make some cushions?
I saw fabric like this be Marcus brother on ebay recently. You might be able to find some more.

Ruby-Jo said...

Love love love that fabric! I am not sure how big the pieces are but Tracey's suggestions sound good.

craft chica said...

I would use it for a liner on a bag, or make a quilt out of it. It is hard to see how much fabric you actually have but you might be able to make a sun top out of it, or a toddler tunic?

The possibilities are endless!

suesueb said...

the pieces are really too small for a top or cushion. applique' is probably my best option and a tote would be sooo cute!! thanks, y'all!

nuala said...

Sus sue I love this fabric and I love you for saving me from the car crash despair!!! You are the sweetest!!

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