Monday, December 1, 2008

Suesue,Melanie,Wayne,Kellie,Chris 61

my oldest sister decided one year that she would write and produce a Christmas play for our parents. Since she had a great bunch of actors (aka brothers and sisters who were told to cooperate), the cast was always there to obey. the plays were usually written during the summer and costumes were scrounged in the attic amongst the many barrels and boxes of saved scraps. crepe paper (the good kind), satin, old clothes, and any thing that could be turned into something else were staples. i think this play was about the toys at santa's workshop. the memory of this year that sticks in my head was my little brother who played the "jack-in-the-box". he fell asleep while waiting for his cue and the box had to be kicked a couple of times for him to wake up and pop up. we all loved these plays. so much creativity and old-fashioned fun! i'll post more pics during the month.

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jenclair said...

What a great idea! Love that so many pictures of the actors are available! :)

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