Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

i can't believe it's over----again. hope santa brought you all what you wanted! my tree this year below. i only had room for one and i like the traditional when i have to choose, filled with old ornaments (some handmade by me), candy molds, and soft garland.
the card i made for my brothers and sisters. inside is a Christmas picture of us all from 1976. i'd show it but i still haven't connected my scanner to my computer (it's only been 11 months)! i found this quote during the summer and knew instantly that i'd use it for my cards for them. 
this year my kids and i decided to celebrate together Christmas evening. i wanted it special for all of us so i used my sets of Christmas dishes and silverware. i won these fitz and floyd dishes one year (i think 1981). i had only bought one ticket from a friend to support the effort and when i got the phone call i was so confused. the caller said i had won some china and could i go pick it up in houma and go in a truck or large vehicle. there were so many boxes! place settings for eight including plates, cups, saucers, bowls, serving pieces, etc. i love them and i felt so lucky!!
these dishes i bought at target one year. i wish they'd sell them again so i could buy more! they're so much fun and match my kitchen so well i display them on my open shelves during the season. i think we all had a wonderful evening. the kids all enjoyed their gifts (especially the baby books which i need to take pics of and blog). they gave E a vcr/dvd player and we watched old home movies and laughed so much. i think it'll be a wonderful new tradition. the past couple of years we were sort of displaced since we lost our second home with one of my best friends' mom's death. we always celebrated with them and then last year we had lost my brother in november and rachael had georgia on dec. 5 (and was having a few problems) and the holidays were confusing and sad and happy all at once. i couldn't even find all my ornaments for the tree because i couldn't remember where i put them. this year was sad because of kellie being gone but at my mom's everyone made it through playing with all the babies (3 new) and enjoying being together. it was noisy and fun. i hope your holidays were merry and bright too!!

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imjacobsmom said...

Boy were you lucky with that contest your china is beautiful! Your second place setting is cute, too. I bought some snowman dishes from Target a few years back and I wish that they would have continued that pattern, too.

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