Thursday, November 6, 2008

the weather has been beautiful here-perfect fall! unfortunately, several of us have head colds and the general feeling around here has been sort of lousy. the improve my spirits i, of course, read blogs and i came across this post through greeting arts blog. a beautiful mission to help others and i've been wanting to try to knit mittens (and not too many people here wear them). if i don't succeed i'll just go out and buy some. hopefully i can do it. join me if you can! thanks. 


cathy gaubert said...

and she's from york. i'd say that's just about perfect! you know me and knitting, and i don't think that i am adept enough for mittens. i am making hats (from repurposed tees) for wee babes in haiti, though...much more my level of abililty! i can't wait to see the finished products. xoxo
oh, the girls ask about you all the time...lily says that cate needs to meet you, and i agree! we hope to see you soon. :)

suesueb said...

i never noticed that! how awesome. i do hope to see y'all all soon. been babysitting all week, gabe's sitter had a death(grandma) in her family. also fighting a head cold so we've just been staying in and doing not too much. love you all-suesue

Happy To Be said...

Hey girl..I was going to ask what that name was..I just learned a new one in French also that I love its "merde" I bet you know what it means also..Oh thanks for coming by my PINK...and girl I can't knit or I would be making mitten for sure..hugs and smiles Gloria

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