Tuesday, November 11, 2008

never enough to do!

merry christmas! i know it's a little early but if i don't start now i'll never be ready. (who am i kidding-i'm never ready!) these next few weeks will be crazy because i have to make party invites (almost done), some crafts for a show, (none new done) and then i signed up for a ornament swap with amy (my present to me). 

aren't these cupcakes adorable? and chocolate-my favorite. at least these are calorie free. they were created for georgia's first birthday and i used my cricut.

these little cupcakes below were inspired by betz white. of course, down in south louisiana it's hard to find lots of wool sweaters to felt so i made do with what i had.
and last but not least, THANKS for giving. to all my friends, family, and anyone who passes on some bit of kindness or a smile. november has always been a nostalgic month for me and it's more so now. my birthday, which i'm glad to be able to celebrate, but it means winter is coming and that's really not my favorite time of year. gloomy days bring me down and i have to work especially hard to stay optimistic about things. my foot hasn't healed yet and that is really frustrating also. anyway-i am grateful for all i have. all the love and family closeness that so many people don't have. i thank God always. happy thanksgiving to you all!!


jenclair said...

I love the Betz White cupcakes, but yours are even yummier! The bunting banner is wonderful - love it.

Thanks for birthday wishes on my blog, and I hope that your November birthday is wonderful!

Amy said...

Suesue, Georgia's invites are super cute and so are your cupcake pincushions! Love your mantle banner too :).

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

I love your little cupcake invites. They look so fun! They make me wish I were back in the US (just moved to Germany this year). That's something my sister and I would have loved doing.

Charmingdesigns said...

Your cupcakes are wonderful!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

ohhh they are soooo adorable! she is going to have a wonderful first birthday!!! your package will be shipped this weekend... i received mail from you the other day and am glad you liked the cupcake.... biggest hugs to you!!!!!

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